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prelude to a new comic...

(c) 1999-2014
Brenda Marshall

Michelle's Diary

FEBRUARY 12, 2019: Hello friends, especially all those faithful to keep checking back after the last few years of inactivity. I have posted a few times in the message board since the last update in 2015... I truly did intend on continuing the updates, but essentially life got in the way. At this point in my life, after 20 years on the web, I am ready to let the website go... It will remain online here for the time being, but I don't intend to add to it or maintain it any further.

That doesn't mean there won't be more Ponderous Woman, just not here on this website. I encourage you all to follow me on my DeviantArt page where I intend to start posting new artwork, and where any future comic announcements will occur.

Thanks again to all of you who have indulged me and encouraged me on this long journey of turning my imaginary fat characters into such a fun, rewarding exercise! Wishing you all the best.

NOVEMBER 29, 2015: Welcome back, intrepid (and patient!) readers! After a lengthy hiatus, I am back and sketching away more pages. There has been a long drought, but finally pages 11 and 12 are up and available for reading, and I am working on the next seven or eight pages as I type.

It's been a really challenging year for me, and I appreciate the kind words and messages some of you have sent to me. As tough as it is to make time for things like the Ponderous Woman, it is something that I truly do enjoy and want to continue. I thank you all for sharing the journey with me! I sincerely hope to get more stuff up over the holidays and try to make up for the lack of material to date in 2015.

APRIL 13, 2015: Hey everyone, sorry for my seeming dissappearance from the web, and the delays in new pages coming out. Work has been very hectic for me this year, thus I haven't had much energy for anything other than that and time with my daughter.

Sorry for the delays, and I will try to make it up by posting a much greater quantity of work when I return, probably around the end of the Summer.

I hope you all stay healthy & well in the meantime! Thank you for your pateince.

JANUARY 4, 2015: Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a very happy ans safe holiday season, are well-rested and ready to tackle 2015 with all your vigor!

The production of Revenge of the Fat Fomenter is progressing more slowly than I'd hoped. I had four pages done prior to Christmas, but was not happy with the results. I've fixed up page 10 now for you to see, but I'm starting over on the following pages. Thanks to everyone for your patience as I continue on with this effort, and I hope you will enjoy the story as the action ramps up in the coming weeks!

NOVEMBER 30, 2014: Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Not too many updates, for which I am sorry... you can read the sordid details on the message board. Things are looking up though, so you can see page 9 now, and I hope to get lots of new pages up before the end of the year, so please come back and check for updates soon!

OCTOBER 13, 2014: Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians! Another quick update this week, I was hoping to get a few more pages completed, but too many sick people in the house in the last few weeks. Did flu season start early? At any rate, page 8 is online for your enjoyment. As always, feel free to post your thoughts on the message board, your opinion does matter (to me, anyway!)!

SEPTEMBER 28, 2014: Just a quick update this week - Page 7 is now up... does anyone think they recognize the delivery woman?

SEPTEMBER 22, 2014: Has it really been a month already? Wow! It's been a busy one here, with the new school year starting and all. But the pages must continue! I hope you enjoy Pages 5 & 6 of Revenge of the FF, which are online now! I had a lot of fun drawing these pages - some of my favorites ever! Stay tuned for a bunch more pages coming in October.

AUGUST 24, 2014: Just a quick update for you today... Page 4 of Revenge of the FF has been posted, completing our first scene (and Joey's first scene since, like 2006, I think?). The next scene I'm inking now brings back another of your favorites - and wait until you see what she's up to!

AUGUST 13, 2014: Can you believe that it has been 15 years since the Ponderous Woman first came online? Wow! I sure can't!

To mark this milestone I'm going to take a short break from Michelle's Diary and bring you a story featuring the Classic Ponderous Woman, Joey Stewart. I hope you enjoy Revenge of the Fat Fomenter! For those of you interested in the chronology of the PW Universe, this story takes place in the period between PW #12 and #13.

The first three pages are up now, and I'll be adding pages over the course of the coming months, so remember to check back again!

I always love to hear your reactions and ideas on the message board and I will be checking by there regularly over the next few months as the story comes online. I hope you enjoy it all!

MARCH 16, 2014: At long last, the conclusion of Issue 8, and my favorite pages of the last four-issue arc! Please check out pages 7-9 of issue 8, and be sure to post your thoughts on the message board. Michelle's Diary will continue, and I am really excited about the next story arc - it's where we really get into the meat of Jane & Michelle's character development, and Amanda enters the next phase of her character's journey as well. But first we're going to take a bit of a detour...

Did you know that it's the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Ponderous Woman on the web?! Crazy, isn't it? And as it's a special occassion, I'll begin posting a special new comic, tentatively titled Revenge of the Fat Fomenter! This will begin very shortly.

As always, thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

JANUARY 26, 2014: Welcome back friends & readers, time for another update - today I present pages 5 &6 of issue 8. The last pages of this issue should be up in a couple of weeks. They are kinda fun to draw, so hopefully you'll enjoy them. With this update, we say goodbye to Lori as she leaves to become a professional wrestler in Japan (I have a story to tell about her experience there, but it will have to wait for another year). As always, thanks for reading!

JANUARY 6, 2014: Happy New Year folks! To celebrate, here are three new pages of issue 8!

More to come soon! My hope is that in 2014 my output will be much greater, as I am getting the hang of the digital drawing. MD #8 is the first full comic done this way, and I am still getting up to speed. As always, keep up with the latest on the message board.



(see Old News for additional updates)


Welcome to the new website! Welcome to the third reincarnation of the Ponderous Woman webcomic!

For those of you just joining the fun, here's a brief history of the PW Universe to date:

1999 - The PW online comic books begins, featuring Joey Stewart.
2003 - After 31 issues and a bunch of spin-offs, Joey quits and the series ends!
2004 - After more spin-offs (Fat Fomenter, Truth Teller, etc.) the new PW begins, featuring Amanda Johnson.
2007 - After three series, four Holiday specials and one giant farewell comic, Amanda gives up being the NPW.

2008 - Michelle's Diary begins!

This new, ongoing series picks up where we left off... Join Michelle as she and her friends deal with life after the New Ponderous Woman. With less focus on the fantasy elements of the PW Universe and characters, these new stories will explore the lives of these familiar characters as they work, live, and love. Oh, and eat! All eras of the PW comics will be celebrated in these new comics, as the PW Online heads toward it's tenth anniversary on the Web in 2009... wow!

The web site is still under a little bit of construction, so please come back regularly for updates. New pages will be posted frequently, I'll just post them as I get them done.

As always, thank you for reading, please share your reactions, and stay tuned for new pages!

Take care, Brenda


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