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You Have Nothing to Sphere but Sphere Itself

by Wraith

	The double-doors to a downtown studio apartment opened and in walked a rather
bulbous figure, clad in an outfit that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.
A blue bikini top barely held back a pair of breasts that couldn’t have been less
than a H-cup, and just above them, a plump face framed by a mane of fiery red hair
which streamed out from beneath a blue helmet with a visor on it, which served to 
protect the wearer from the effects of her own powers, and finally from her hips down, 
she blossomed out like a flower with a butt that could’ve stopped traffic.

She stepped into the light and revealed herself to be Carrie Stewart, a.k.a. “The Truth Teller,” crime fighter and sister to the modern day super-hero known as “The Ponderous Woman”. However, the true spectacle was the figure that slowly followed Carrie. At first glance, it appeared that a small cloud was floating into the apartment, however, this particular cloud was topped with a mop of shoulder-length, blond hair! Claire Willison a.k.a. “Gravity Girl” was a fellow crime-fighter and close friend to Carrie and her sister, but much to her chagrin, she didn’t look much like a human being at the moment. Where once would’ve stood a svelte young beauty, there was instead a massive blob, clothed in a pure white body suit with the capital G stretched out across the front. Carrie had just recently rescued her friend from the clutches of the criminal organization known only as “The Crew” who had been fattening Claire up for their experiments. She breathed a sigh of relief as she gently settled down on the floor where Carrie had cleared a space for her friend, since the living room was the only place that they could put her. “Carrie, I want you to know how much I appreciate this.” “Oh you don’t have to thank me Claire. This is what friends are for, and tomorrow we can get you started on a diet so we can get you back to normal. Now, are you comfy enough?” “Yes thank you, right now I just feel like sleep.” Carrie stood up on her tiptoes and put her arms around the fat rolls of Claires’ neck, then she retreated to her own room for some well deserved shuteye. In the darkness of the living room, Claire sat alone with her thoughts. She was grateful to Carrie for rescuing her, but she wondered about this situation. It seemed that when she worked out with Carrie before it seemed like she had gained weight instead of losing it. Ever since she had first realized this, she had begun to feel a little suspicious of Carrie, but they were friends, weren’t they? With a yawn, Claire dismissed the thoughts and drifted off into a comfortable doze. Shapes swam in the air like fish. The light dimmed and then exploded into a seemingly empty room. Claire then realized that she was standing up and her eyes were open. She looked down at herself and saw that she was dressed differently. Instead of her uniform, she was wearing her brown shirt and blue pants, but what Claire found truly remarkable is that they fit! She was no longer the giant shapeless blob that she had fallen asleep as, but instead she had returned to a weight that she had been at in the past. She was basically the same as she had been before she had been first captured by The Crew.

She looked around and realized that the room that she was in was practically barren, except for a set of double doors in the opposite wall. Claire didn’t really have time to search the room any further because the double doors suddenly sprang open and there stood Carrie! She was still dressed in her original Truth Teller outfit, but her weight hadn’t changed at all. She still seemed to be as fat as she had been when she had rescued Claire not long ago. “Carrie? Where are we? When did you change clothes?” Claire asked, dumbfounded. Carrie didn’t answer. Instead she stepped to one side and revealed that there was another figure standing behind her, and the figure was an exact duplicate! The Carrie twins were perfectly identical, right down to the waistline, and if that wasn’t a big enough surprise, two MORE Carries’ stepped out from behind them! The two new Carries were dressed in the current Truth Teller style. Claire found herself unable to speak as she beheld this incredible spectacle, but she quickly came to her senses when she noticed that the four Carries were slowly coming toward her, each with mischievous grins on their faces.

Claire did the first thing that came to her mind, she tried to get away until she could make some sense of what was going on. She turned to the left and started to run. However, she didn’t go far before she started noticing that it was getting harder to run with every step that she took. Claire looked over her shoulder to see how much of a lead she had on the others, but the first thing that caught her eye was her backside. It actually looked rounder than she remembered, in fact it was growing! She stopped in her tracks and looked down at herself to find that her back wasn’t the only thing changing about her! Her tummy was also getting bigger as if some unseen force was blowing air into it! Claire tried to move her arms to her stomach, maybe she could press some of the pressure out, however her arms had also blown up like balloons.

“I had better keep running while I still can. This might get worse!” she thought. Unfortunately, it was already too late. Her legs had followed along with the rest of her body and now looked like a pair of tree trunks. Claire had no choice but to remain in place as this weird transformation took place. She swelled bigger and bigger, her arms and legs seemingly becoming one with her body with every passing second. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to be getting heavier, just bigger. She couldn’t even turn her neck anymore without great difficulty and within a minute, Claire Willison had turned into a large round ball. Her clothing still remained intact, but it was now stretched thin over her globular body, with a stripe of pink midriff around her middle. From out of nowhere, the Carrie quadruplets emerged and encircled Claire. Then the four Truth Tellers started humming a tune to themselves that Claire couldn’t help but recognize:

(To the tune of the 1971 version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.) (The girls surround Claire and put their hands behind their backs, swaying in time with the music.) Look what we have before our eyes, Our friend Claire has passed Sumo-sized Big and round and full as the moon, Just listen close while we sing our tune. (The girls close in on Claire and tilted her over so that she is lying on her rounded back. Mid-verse, the two early-version Truth-Tellers leave Claires side and walk a short distance away.) What do you get when you guzzle and glut Big squishy belly and e-nor-mous butt And now that you are as wide as you’re tall, we can play with you like a ball! With a push, Claire is sent rolling across the room like a giant soccer ball until she reaches Truth Teller #1 and 2. However, instead of catching Claire with their hands, they lean forward slightly and cushion the impact with their sizeable bellies. Then they lean over and recite with a smirk. Just as fun as fattening you. Truth Teller #1 and 2 threw their weight forward and Claire was sent rolling back towards the other two. Claire held her breath and closed her eyes, afraid that she was going to get motion sickness. The other two Truth Tellers caught the globular girl and waited to be joined by their counterparts. When we first met, you were so flat. Did you know that you’re meant to be fat? And when we are done with our job, You will be a great big, immobile blob! In the middle of the verse, the four obese beauties pivoted their prize around until she was facing the double doors that her captors had entered in. The doors opened again and Claire opened her eyes. The figure she saw behind the doors was none other than Joey! It was hard to see clearly since she was on her side, but it looked like Joey had been made spherical too! As the Truth Tellers finished the song, they all pushed Claire at once and she rolled across the floor, through the doors and somehow landed right-side up right next to Joey. The two captives didn’t even have time to catch up, as two hoses came out of practically nowhere, and before Carrie even knew what had happened, the hoses started filling them with something. Claire didn’t know what she was eating, but she couldn’t stop and the effects were instantaneous! She and Joey were increasing in size by the second, and in no time at all, they had grown to twice their sizes! Carrie shut her eyes again, fearing that at any moment, she was going to explode! Nothing happened for far too long. Claire opened her eyes again and found herself in utter darkness. Within a few minutes, her vision cleared and she found herself back in Carries living room. She was still sitting in the middle of the floor, albeit still the size of an elephant, but she was relieved to know that it was only a dream. She turned her head towards Carries room. “Do you think.. maybe...? Nah!” And with that, the gargantuan girl drifted back to sleep.

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