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prelude to a new comic...

(c) 1999-2014
Brenda Marshall

About the Author

Brenda in 2007If you've linked to this page, presumably you're interested in the person who came up with all of these crazy stories in the first place... Well, that would be me, Brenda Marshall. I figured I'd type a few sentences with some stuff you might want to know about me.

Toronto, Canada is the place I call home. I have a day job that takes me travelling probably more than I'd like, but spending time in airports gives me the chance to do some sketching! My partner Samantha and I have a beautiful daughter, Lily, who will be turning four in the Fall of 2009. Life is good!

Comic books weren't a big part of my childhood, surprisingly. I read the occassional Wonder Woman comic, but mostly it was Archie comics. I honestly don't know why I started drawing Joey Stewart and her friends back in high school, I wasn't taking art classes or anything. Maybe it was fate? Since putting the PW on the web I've started to read more comics, primarily the Strangers in Paradise series by Terry Moore. I really love the artwork of a few comic artists, too (see the links page for some of them). They inspire me to try and improve my childish doodles!

By the time I was midway through high school, I was what you might call chubby. The cruelty of people around me - people I dated, family, school mates - made me incredibly self conscious of my size, and I hated being fat. My weight has slowly crept up over time (today I'm around 275 pounds), and thanks to my discovery of the Web in 1998, and particularly websites like Dimensions, I learned that I wasn't alone in my love of other people's fat, but also that being fat myself was okay. The stories of Melanie Bell were another huge influence on me at this time, and really helped me come to grips with who I was, what I wanted in life, and how I wanted to live.

The PW Online has nearly been closed a number of times since 1999, but just when I feel like I've run out of steam, typically a reader will send me a wonderful email, or post a lovely message on the mb, and it reminds me why I started to share my goofy little comic stories in the first place. And it's still fun today, so I'll keep sketching for the time being. I hope you'll keep reading!