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prelude to a new comic...

(c) 1999-2014
Brenda Marshall


Online Comics:

http://www.onlinecomics.net/ - OnlineComics.net, just comics that you can read online, like PW
http://www.adamandandy.com/ - Adam & Andy, online comic about two gay men
http://www.drunkduck.com/Aurora_of_the_High_Seas/ - BBW historical adventure!
http://www.blondemarvel.com - Blonde Marvel, a BBW super heroine
http://www.josemadre.com/~lightfoot/comics/widow/ - The Scarlet Widow, a very busty hero
http://www.exiern.com/ - Exiern, a funny, sexy adventure comic


http://fishsbiggirls.blogspot.com/ - Derrick Fish's Jubilicious Girls
http://www.fatwonderwoman.blogspot.com/ - BBWW Blog (Big Beautiful Wonder Woman)
http://www.ianardo.com/ - Ian Strange's beautiful collection of BBW portaits
- SketchVG's Yahoo Group Archive

Brenda's favorites:

http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/ - Dimensions Online, my favorite site!
http://fantasyfeeder.com/ - Fantasy Feeder, animation, tips, etc.
http://www.lardbiscuit.com/ - The Lard Biscuit - lots of content here, including nice big gals
http://www.rundekunst.de/ - Rundekunst.de - Fine Art BBW site (sorry, pas d'anglais!)
http://fatpassion.blogspot.com/ - Aurora's InFATuation Blog
http://www.bigfatblog.com/ - Fat acceptance Blog, always has some neat conent
http://www.deadjournal.com/community/fatgirls/ - Since we're talking about Blogs, here's another...
http://www.fatgirlspeaks.com/ - A celebration of size, self and sexuality