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OCTOBER 27, 2012: It took a lot longer than I'd originally thought, but finally, Michelle Meets The Munchies is complete! In this massive update, you can see pages 24-31 posted online now! I hope you all enjoy this little fantasy story diversion, it's something I have been thinking about doing in one form or another for years. I am reallt anxious to hear your feedback, so by all means, please share your thoughts on the Message Board. Now I have to get to work on the long delayed MD #8!



AUGUST 6, 2012: I hope all of my Canadian friends ! I actually had some free time to get pages 21-23 of the Munchies coloured and lettered, so please check them out now! I am still aiming to have the Munchies story wrapped up by the end of the Summer, and then onto other fun stuff. Have a fun and safer Summer, everyone!

JUNE 17, 2012: Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! Once again I find myself apologizing for the lack of updates. Rest assured, I am still out here doodlin', so the show will go on! In the meantime, two new pages of the Munchies are up!

FEBRUARY 26, 2012: Welcome back, intrepid readers! Sorry for such a late start this year, but as I've posted in the Message Board, it has been a challenging couple of months for my family.

Things are back on track, though, and I wanted to get the latest page of Munchies up as quick as I could! So go check out pages 18 now! As I'm sure you can guess, the Munchies aren't quite done with Michelle yet!



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