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SEPTEMBER 29, 2013: Hey everyone, finally a new issue begins! You can see the first page of issue eight now! More to come shortly as I get into the swing of this new digital drawing thing. As always, your comments are very welome on the message board.

JULY 28, 2013: Something truly new for you this time, faithful readers - a prelude to a new comic story... It's just a teaser, really, but I hope it will whet your appetite for something new and different! The biggest accomplishment for me was on the technical end - this is the first comic that I've done entriely electronically, drawing it out on a tablet instead of pencils & ink on paper.

Next up, another issue of Michelle's Diary to complete the 4-issue arc. Be sure to check the message board for my latest sketches and other happenings! Thanks for reading!

MAY 11, 2013: Don't worry, the Ponderous Woman Online has not joined the many websites that have faded into the ether over the last decade or so...

I still have lots of comic book ideas, and if you check the message board occassionally, you'll get to read some of my thoughts on these (and see the odd bit of artwork in progress). Not only do I intent to get out MD #8 in short order, but I am working on an all new spin-off idea (see my posts on the mb for more!).

Why so little output? Just the usual - life, kid, work... plus I've had some health issues which I'm dealing with. Hopefully those will be resolved soon. As a result I've put on a bunch of weight, I am at my roundest! It's not good in some ways, but creatively it is inspiring me! :)

Thanks for being so patient, friends! Stay tuned, I promise there is more to come!



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