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prelude to a new comic...

(c) 1999-2014
Brenda Marshall

Comic Series Archive Listing

A Chronological Listing of all comics in the PW Universe is also available.

Michelle's Diary Michelle's Diary follows the lives of Michelle Miller and her friends. It premiered in March 2008.
The NEW Ponderous Woman Seven years have passed since the dissappearance of Joey Stewart... Now meet the NEW Ponderous Woman! The original six-issue series premiered in 2004, and concluded in December 2007.
Further Adventures of Claire Willison This is an ongoing series of short stories, directly following the events of the Gravity Girl Special Edition #3 comic. Claire Willison is no longer a superhero, but that doesn't mean life is any less exciting...
LTOTTT These Lost Tales fill in some of the gaps of time from the original PW series. They examine some of the activities of Carrie Stewart behind the scenes of the PW and GG comics. Originally published between 2003-2004.
Gravity Girl The Gravity Girl Special Edition comics were released during the original run of the Ponderous Woman series, between 2000-2001.
The Ponderous Woman This is the series that started us off in 1999! All 31 original issues are now available online. The final issue was released in January, 2003.
the Fat Fomenter The True Story of the Fat Fomenter is a one-off prequel comic to the original PW series. Originally released in 2003.





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